Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Roses Are In Bloom

The Roses Are In Bloom
 dancing m
Come, come,
The roses are in bloom!
Come, come,
The Beloved has arrived!
Now is the time to unite
the soul and the world.
Now is the time to see the sunlight
dancing as one with the shadows.
Laugh at those faithless men
who boast with loud voices.
Weep for that friend
who has turned away from the Friend.
The whole city is trembling with fear now
that the madman has broken from his chains.
What a day! What a day!
A day of upheaval! A day of revolt!
Perhaps the scroll
that records every deed is falling from the sky!
Beat the drum,
Speak no more–
The heart has gone,
The mind has gone,
The soul,
has gone to the
The seeds of
His love blossom in every heart.
The sounds of
His flute fill every celebration.
Everyone thinks that he sings and dances
But no—
He is the only one singing,
He is the only one dancing.
We drink the wine of our own blood,
aged in the barrels of our soul.
We would give our lives for a sip of that nectar,
Our heads in exchange for one drop.
Maulana Jalaludin Rumi